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A QUESTION OF ALIGNMENT  ( A Tom Fletcher Story ) CHAPTER 1 ... The jackpot in this week's lottery draw is now an estimated ninety three million pounds following an unprecedented eighth week rollover. A source close to Downing Street announced earlier today that the government had complete faith in lottery organisers Winn-a-Lott, and saw no reason to recall parliament from its summer recess. The minister for sport, Cholmondley Bryant, described the Opposition’s call for intervention as 'the politics of envy', and recommended the Opposition Leader 'to let his hair down and go halves on a ticket with his wife.'  A spokesperson for Winn-a-Lott agreed that eight weeks without a winner was 'unusual', but added 'remember, it's just a bit of fun' and 'you've got to be in to win'. Suggestions that the entire Winn-a-Lott board were about to 'do a runner' were dismissed as 'malicious gossip'... ~~~ "Must remember to pick up a lottery ticket," thought Tom as he slid further down into the upholstery of the sofa. He fumbled absentmindedly for the TV controller and flicked across the channels for something to watch. It was not a vintage evening. The cat, which was curled up against the radiator, watched him through the barely open slit of it's left eye. He cycled through the channels again, but nothing looked any better the second time round than it had the first time. He scratched his crotch idly with his left hand and slipped another few millimetres to the right in the process. ...
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