I KEEP THINKING IT’S TUESDAY                 (A Tom Fletcher Story)                               CHAPTER 1 I remember seeing a cartoon once, years ago, in a magazine, of two hippopotami wallowing in a mud pool. Just the tops of their heads were visible. I think it was Playboy magazine. The caption under the cartoon said, "I keep thinking it's Tuesday". That's all. It made me laugh. I've been thinking about it a lot recently. I don't mean deeply or philosophically, I mean often. I keep thinking it's Tuesday. Listen. I have to tell you something. Something big. The biggest thing I've ever done. Well, I haven't exactly done it yet. But I shall. I've made the decision. That's the important thing. I've made the decision. I've decided to get rid of my wife. Listen. I don't want to hurt her, you understand. I don't hate her. I love her. There's no other way though. I've been over it a hundred times. More like a thousand, actually. It would be the kindest thing. For me and for her. I don't know why I'm telling you this. My plan depends on me not being suspected. This has to be the perfect crime. I haven't decided how to do it yet, you understand, but I have a few ideas. The main thing is that she mustn't suspect anything, and I don't want her to get hurt. That's important.  ...
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Review Posted on Barnes and Noble October 21, 2013 by Anonymous Fantastic I loved this book, it was so funny. I keep telling everyone I know to read it. Thank you so much Barnaby Wilde! Anonymous Comment left on Goodreads Feb 2014 “I've either lost my marbles or this book is the most hilarious book I have read in years. I am laughing out loud, and at the same time I'm thinking this is absolutely nuts; why am I laughing at him, he's crazy beyond any craziness. And then I giggle some more. :)"
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