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Wheels may be made for turning, Mules may be made to pack. But no one ever told this to, Mad, beaver hatted Jack. He's out to make his fortune, He's not likely to, of course, For Jack has just invented, The world's first two wheeled horse. The Greeks did it somewhat better, When they laid their siege on Troy. Their wooden horse had four wheels on, That's two more than our boy's. They were out to fool the Trojans, With their giant hollow steed.   Jack's just out to make a buck, But he's unlikely to succeed.
His previous inventions, Have been just as deeply flawed, Like his solid wooden saucepans, And his double ended sword. He thought he'd got a winner, With his chicken with four legs, But it ran so flippin' fast and far, He couldn't find it's eggs. But he carries on undaunted, He has plenty of ideas, Though one cannot help but wonder, If he chose the right career. He's totally convinced, His next scheme will be the winner. It's self motivated turkeys, Which cook themselves for dinner. February 2012
The Well Boiled Icycle
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Review by: Jeffra Hays on May 04, 2012 :   Bravo Barnaby! Just when I had convinced myself of the world's doom, it's Barnaby Wilde to the rescue, HAHA champion of short some-sense nonsense, love of words and wordplay. I like, like, like.
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The Well  Boiled Icycle More Quirky Verses  by  Barnaby Wilde