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EVERY WHICH WAY BUT EAST Chapter 1 Tom stared vacantly into space and scratched himself again.  'I must remember to shave,' he thought vaguely to himself.  'Tomorrow', he added.  'Definitely tomorrow.' The television droned on in the corner of the room, but he wasn't giving it much attention.  In fact Tom wasn't giving much attention to anything lately.  He looked about him, 'Hmm.  Could do with a bit of a tidy up, probably.  I'll do that tomorrow as well.' The room, in truth, hadn't been tidied for some time.  It hadn't been vacuumed for even longer and as for dusting and polishing, Tom couldn't even remember if he owned any dusters or polish.  'Hmm,' he said to himself again.  'Perhaps I should get a cleaner.' There was a time, once, when he had been married, before his wife left him, when he'd lived in a home that was always clean and tidy.  It had even smelled of furniture polish.  But that was then and this was now.  Then he had lived in a big Edwardian house with his wife, but she was long gone.  Now he lived in a little box of a house near the old hospital, on his own.  Well, not quite on his own.  There was a cat. Then he had had a job, but now he just had a pension. He wasn't actually old enough to retire.  Not strictly.  But when he was offered a voluntary redundancy, after his wife had left, he accepted without hesitation.  That was five years ago.  Now he was approaching fifty six. At first he had thrown himself into the house and garden.  Refurbished the kitchen and the bathroom.  Did all the work himself.  He was passably competent if he put his mind to it, but the motivation to put his mind to it had gradually evaporated.  Now, he more or less ate, slept and watched the TV.  Tomorrow, though, … tomorrow he would start the come back. Probably.
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Review by:  David Keith - Posted on www.smashwords.com  on July 15, 2012 Yep, you gotta' be a bit warped to enjoy this novel. I loved it. It's, as Wilde says, quirky and at times even a bit credulity-straining, but it's a good read. Wilde does his usual bang-up job of crafting a tale that sucks you into its maw, masticates you, and then spits you out at the very end - and makes you keep on coming back for more. I just had to find out what happened and how our intrepid heroes once again saved the universe. Wilde did not disappoint me.
Review by:  Mikie M - Published on Amazon.com on 13 Aug 2012  Once again I have enjoyed ambling through the various time lines with Tom and the cats ably supported by Buff,  Whip and Stirr in order to prevent the "baddies" from achieving their evil aims. At one point I thought that I could  hear "Rhubarb Rhubarb" from the custardy Sergeant but I may be mistaken. I anticipate that the next book will go in an entirely new direction, as there is only one left.  Well done Barnaby another fun read.
  Review by:  E. G. Klaproth "BMW Rider" (Canton, Ga) - Published on Amazon.com on Sep 24th 2012 Typical Brit humor, a lot of it tongue in cheek, well written, a very light read, but fun! Very quick, but worth opening. The dry, fast paced humor is very satisfying.
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