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And, there's nothing they like better than, To use their heads as battering rams, And stick that front end pointy bit, Exactly where you don't want it. So it's best not to provoke 'em, Irritate, annoy or poke 'em, Unless you have an armoured arse, Since they can run extremely fast. (January 2012)
Rhinoceri (for that is what You call them when there are a lot), Are mostly armour plated torso, (like a lobster, only more so). Mainly they are grey and wide, With stumpy legs on either side, But though the rear is fairly blunt, They are much sharper at the front,
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Review by: John Gaukel on Jan. 07, 2012 : I'M NOT ALL THE WAY THROUGH IT, BUT I LIKE IT. CREATIVE. Review by: Gary Weston on Jan. 07, 2012 : Insanely fun. Dare I say 'Spike would like?' I suspect reading a novel by this writer would leave me mentally scarred, but i may recover from this...eventually! Review by: Shirley Robertson on Jan. 07, 2012 : clever and fun !
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*Footnote:  Etymology.  Rhinocerus (noun) is an erroneous form of rhinoceros, which has been back formed from the equally erroneous plural rhinoceri, by analogy with Latin words that end in –us that become –i in the plural. Given it's origins, rhinocerus is therefore neither a misspelling nor a synonym of rhinoceros.  It's just plain wrong! (but Barnaby Wilde doesn't care, because this book has nothing to do with rhinoceros, - except, maybe, a very small bit at the end).
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