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My friend the blind philosopher was tugging at his beard. He mumbled to himself and said, ‘Exactly as I feared.’ Foolishly I asked him what his problem was about. ‘This form,’ he snapped. ‘I’ve filled it in, now find I’ve filled it out.’ ‘But it’s the same,’ I blurted out. (I never seem to learn). ‘How can ‘in’ be ‘out’?’ he asked. ‘But, thanks for your concern.’ I felt somewhat rebuffed by this and leaned back in my chair. Ignoring my discomfort, he just said, ‘It’s everywhere.’ He scarcely seemed to notice that he wasn’t there alone. I guess his self absorption comes from living on his own. He said, ‘Tell me, when I’m shopping.  Why do you suppose, That the door sign spells out ‘open’ when the door is plainly closed?’
He had me going for a moment, until I cottoned on. This was just another wind up, so I thought I’d play along. ‘The same thing happens to me,’ I said softly with a frown. ‘When I look up phone numbers, I am always looking down.’ He said, ‘Why exactly do inflammable and flammable exist? It seems to me they mean the same.  Please tell me what I’ve missed?’ He picked up his empty coffee cup and drained the final drop. ‘Your legs,’ he said.  ‘I know,’ I cried. ‘The bottom’s at the top.’ He cracked a smile, ‘My fine young chum, I think that truth to tell. You’ve been around me much too long.  You know me far too well. It’s time to say, ‘So long, short friend, until another day.’ With that he stood up slowly, turned around and walked away.
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Review by: Yaritza Garcia on Jan. 11, 2012 : This book was absolutely fun to read. I loved it :-) Review by: Suzy Stewart Dubot on Jan. 08, 2012 : This author was recommended to me by a fellow-writer. I am not a great fan of poetry in general but R. L. Stephenson, Rupert Brooke, Sir Walter Scott, Henry Reed are a few who have kept me reading it through the years. Barnaby Wilde is now amongst those able to keep my attention until the end. In this collection, I was constantly reminded of Lewis Carroll. Not a bad thing at all. A ‘Beachcomber’s Tale’ pleased me in particular. I shall be reading other of Barnaby Wilde’s works (I am now curious to know how he arrived at his pseudonym?), not just his poetry, so it is safe to assume that I too recommend this author!
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