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Barnaby’s Shorts (Volume Two) Ten Short Stories to read in the bath, on the train, in bed, or on the beach. A mixed bag of gentle humour and tales with a twist. The Magician’s Cabinet   Where exactly do people go when magicians make them vanish? The Blueberry Muffin Affair  Amelia goes in search of a new man. One of Those Mornings  So there you are in the middle of a bank raid. Red Rubber  What happens when a space explorer gets bored? The Turing Test  Could an author get trapped inside a Kindle? The Running Boy  A boy who can run like the wind. The Case of the Missing Spray Cleaner  Another mystery at the Vertigo research facility. Is There Anybody There?  Where would you turn if your stalker was the invisible man? Warning Bells  It was just an innocent cup of coffee until ‘he’ sat down beside her. Time for Thought  The downside of time travel.
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Review  Posted on Barnes and Noble January 12, 2013 Good book!  I thoroughly enjoyed the stories. They were diverse and unpredictable.  -  Anonymous
Review Posted on Barnes and Noble January 20, 2013
I am really enjoying reading the Barnaby's Shorts collection. I might not like all the stories, but I definitely like most of them. I will continue to read books by this author.    -  Anonymous
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