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Smile for the Camera An Art theft at a Country House. A Rock Festival. A missing teenage girl. A photographer. A dead body. A wedding. Inspector Flowers, Mercedes Drew and biker friends in a full length story. Volume Four of the Mercedes Drew Mysteries.  
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e.book price only $2.99 A full length story for Mercedes Drew and friends.
Extracted from Review on Smashwords by:  David H. Keith  on Feb. 14, 2014  Fans of the motorcycle-riding, outspoken, amateur crime-solver Mercedes Drew ....... will not be disappointed with this latest of her adventures. ........ Filled with a measure of suspense, a smattering of police procedural, and a healthy dollop of Wilde's signature humor, this is a tale that will very probably cause you to drop everything else short of life-threatening crisis and read it through, ....  Highly recommended. Review on Smashwords by:  Kevin A. Lyons  on July 17, 2014 This novel is a follow up to the Mercedes Drew short story collections. There are some differences, besides it being a novel. The biggest difference is what I perceived to be a "darker" tone to the story, involving the fate of an abducted girl. But the main characters are familiar and consistent, and there are still some situations that had me smiling. The novel stands alone, but I'd still suggest reading the short stories first. They provide a thorough introduction to the characters and work environments.
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