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Barnaby’s Shorts (Volume One) Ten Short Stories to read in the bath, on the train, in bed, or on the beach. A mixed bag of gentle humour and tales with a twist. The Accidental Bank Job  Could you rob a bank by accident?. Tiny Aliens  What if aliens were very small? Benny  What if you could grow a man from a bean?  The Holey Oak  An image of Jesus is found in a rotten oak tree. Onwards and Upwards  Everyone knows how stairs work, don’t they? Case Closed  A story about cardboard boxes? Surely not? The Princess and the Frog  A fairy story..., or is it? The Horse who ran with the Wind.  A story with a moral. Swaycrazy  The customer is often right. The Monkey Faced Boy  Graffiti with a twist.
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Now available FREE at Smashwords. Click Here for details FREE book From Reviews Posted on www.smashwords.com Gary Weston on July 22nd, 2012   I enjoyed the diversity of these amusing stories. Wilde is always a good read. Emma Laybourn on July 27, 2012  These good-natured, discursive stories are sometimes a little slow to get going, but contain some really inventive ideas. I especially enjoyed "Benny" and "Onwards and Upwards."  From Reviews Posted on www.smashwords.com Anonymous   Posted April 23, 2013 Enjoyed this Barnaby's Shorts as much as the others. I hope there are more on the way. Review posted on Barnes and Nobel  Elizabeth Rowan Keith  on Dec. 07, 2012  These are not the first stories I've read by Barnaby Wilde. They will not be the last. Each one has been a pleasure. Once I began this collection I did not want to stop. Highly enjoyable. Highly recommended.  Review posted on www.Smashwords.com Review posted on www.Amazon.com  By Kristianna  27 Aug 2013   Just too funny.  The 5 star is meant for "SwayCrazy". I almost fell of my chair, laughing so hard. And so did my grandkids. A really great "tongue in cheek" story!   From Reviews Posted on www.smashwords.com Tracey Howard  on Oct. 30, 2014  As usual, Barnaby Wilde offers up a great selection of stories with unique perspectives, humor, and more than the occasional twist. Well worth the read!
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