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Barnaby’s Shorts (Volume Six) Ten more Short Stories to read in the bath, on the train, in bed, or on the beach. A mixed bag of gentle humour, a touch of mystery and a hint of adventure. Tales with a twist. A Matter of Funding  …..  Another tale from the Vertigo labs. Amazing Day  …..  If you woke up, trapped in a maze. Glowing in the Dark  …..  A story about caving. I heard a song today – The story  …..  A love story about two kids on the run. I heard a song today – The song  …..  A song about two kids on the run. Is Everybody Happy?  …..  A sinister clown at a cricket match. Of Proust, Joyce and Wilde  …..  Just four blokes in a pub discussing Proust. The Mystery Tour  …..  A tale from the West Country. Something Else  …..  Josie's best friend goes missing. Q-bits  …..  A mysterious message from space. Running Stitches  …..  Rivalry between the darts and quiz team at the Poachers.  
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Review on Smashwords by: Elizabeth Rowan Keith on Oct. 29, 2013 : I always enjoy the works of Barnaby Wilde, and this collection is no exception. My perspective has been shifted, my heart has been warmed, and my funny bone has been thoroughly tickled. Without reservation, I highly recommend this book.
Review on Smashwords by: Anna Scott Graham on Oct. 23, 2013 : An eclectic collection of short tales that left me in giggles, a few shivers, and some aching sighs. Barnaby Wilde never fails to disappoint; all of these stories are highly recommended.
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