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When Groan Men Weep Did being bard from Avon mean that Shakespeare dined alone? How did Alexander Graham Bell peddle his first phone? Was William Tell a hero, or a narrow minded feller? And is a lift attendant just a kind of storey teller? Was the wheel’s inventor just the spokesman for the clan? What if Robin Hood of Sherwood hadn’t been a Marion man? Did Beethoven’s fifth creation mean he was no fortune seeker? If the world had taken one more day, would God be any weaker? Do alternative comedians turn into weathermen? Could antipodean cookouts put Barbie beyond our Ken? Should drug addicted authors only bank in joint accounts? Do people who sell ponies merely deal in small amounts? Did Ceasar fight his punic wars to set man’s laughter loose? Was Christ’s Easter crucifixion marked by early mourning Jews? If playful words make grown men weak and weak men groan anew, To whit, a hymn to wit to you.  Amen.  Oh boy!  Adieu. (May 2001)
Review by: Donald Enz on March 05, 2012 : I highly recommend this book. It's entertaining and challenges the reader to think about words and the author's imagery. Too often, authors are afraid to write verse with multiple interpretations, Barnaby-Wilde is not. I consider this a "must read" for people with imaginations. The author has a great sense of observation of the things around him. He conveys this observation to his audience in whimsical, ironic verse. An entertaining book on all levels. Review by: Gary Weston on Feb. 26, 2012 : For lovers of the strange I think, this could drive us all to drink, For Barnaby has Wilde ideas, worthy of applause by his peers, for your collection is a must, to be enjoyed, not covered in dust!
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