Flowers for Mercedes A girl on a motorbike, a hit and run, a detective called Flowers, a warehouse robbery, a train derailment, a missing cat, arson, kidnap and more in three complete stories about Mercedes Drew which, together, form the first part of the Mercedes Drew Mysteries. Will Mercedes Drew ever find true love? Will Detective Inspector Flowers solve the mystery of the missing cat? Who is stealing the covers off the drains? Why won't Mr Chatterjee say who set fire to his restaurant? Who is Dogtooth? Where is the lead from St Stephen's Church roof? Answers to these questions and more in Flowers for Mercedes (Volume One of the Mercedes Drew Mysteries)  
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Review by: Suzy Stewart Dubot on Dec. 06, 2012 Excellent entertainment! Well written and edited. Barnaby Wilde relates a tale as though he had lived it. No, I know he isn't D.I. Flowers and I'm pretty sure he isn't Mercedes... Perhaps the intimidating biker? In any case, he's got the story to perfection. I can absolutely recommend this tale with no hesitation!
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From Reviews Posted on Barnes and Noble Review posted by: Anonymous on June 10, 2013 Sweet.   More Flowers than Drew, but enjoyable whoever the main character is.
Review by: Amazon Customer (verified purchaser) on April 7, 2014  Simple, BUT Could Not Put It Down. Smoothly written, had everything in a book to hold ones interest from start to finish, touches of Leslie Thomas (Dangerous Davies) & Tom Sharpe (Basic construction) MY CUP OF TEA!
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I really enjoyed these stories. They were nice little police procedurals with a touch of romance on the side. The nice thing about them is that the romantic aspect (Mercedes) became intermingled with the storyline of the (official) investigation (Flowers), so the stories are almost like a hybrid between a cozy with an amateur sleuth and a procedural. Lots of fun and I enjoyed both of the central characters.
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